The Filmmakers

Dave Simonds

Dave Simonds (director) is an actor, writer and filmmaker. He directed “Cherry Cottage: the Story of an American House,” which premiered at the Berkshire International Film Festival, and screened at festivals around the country. He directs Simonds Films, which is a full service boutique production house. He continues work on his ongoing series of short episodic films and the web series “Free Advice from an Old Guy” with Jay Tarses. As an actor, Simonds worked extensively in New York, and regionally at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, The Long Wharf Theatre, and The Portland Stage Company. He was a familiar face in the indie-film renaissance of the late 80s and early 90s and his screen credits include Amateur, The Book of Life, Signs and Wonders, The Fish in a Bathtub, Henry Fool, B Movie, among many others. He appeared in music videos for Everything But the Girl, Beth Orton and others. He was the co-founder of the award winning Cucaracha Theatre, which was housed in a warehouse in Tribeca before anyone knew where Tribeca was. The New York Times proclaimed, “Cucaracha Theatre has become a center for some of the most interesting experimental theatre in New York.” He is currently working on a documentary called “The Hoy Boys.”

Sarah Gardner

Sarah Gardner (producer) teaches planning and policy at Williams College and is the Associate Director of the Center for Environmental Studies. Her areas of research and teaching include land use, agriculture and food systems. She has led many research projects about agriculture and has interviewed dozens of farmers, both in New England and Eleuthera, Bahamas. Sarah’s experience in local government and local issues is extensive: she has served on the Williamstown Planning Board, The Williamstown Conservation Commission, and the Agricultural Commission. Sarah was instrumental in proposing and passing the Williamstown Right to Farm bylaw and is a member of the Williamstown Farm Market Committee. Since 2011 she has been the leader of the North Berkshire Keep Farming project, a three-year research initiative. She serves on the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission’s Food and Agriculture Subcommittee. Sarah served as the Williamstown delegate to the Berkshire Regional Planning Commission, the Williamstown Conservation Commission, the Williamstown Master Plan Committee, and the Community Preservation Committee. Sarah is a graduate of Smith College, she holds a Masters in Public Policy from Columbia University, and a Ph.D. in Political Science from the City University of New York. She has made two short films about tourism and farming in Eleuthera.

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